Promoting pureness on Lag Baomer 2020

24 hours of opportunity – join now!

  • The first and only Mikvah in Cyprus was built in 2005 for the first time in history, with the highest standards worldwide, both from Halachic perspective and comfort and hygiene, To allow all Jews in Cyprus to follow the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha in the most comfortable, uncompromising way.  

    There is no need to elaborate on how significant Taharat HaMishpacha is in Jewish life. Thank G-d, since the establishment of the Mikvah to this day, hundreds of Tvilah’a were taking place in it by women of the community and Jewish tourists, each having a pure and holy experience.

    Despite strict maintenance, the wounds of time and nature did theirs, and now the Mikvah needs replacement of pumping, ventilation and heating systems, and a wide replacement of panels and sealings. We have a great opportunity – 3 weeks of low activity before the arrival of many visitors to Cyprus. The quote we have received from professionals we have hired for the renovation of the Mikvah is estimated at 26,000 euros.

    For pictures and detailed explanation on the need to renovate the Mikvah click here

    The holy Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai dealt a lot with adding pureness to Am Israel. Today, in his day of passing – Lag Baomer, it is a special opportunity to donate and sustain the Mikvah in Cyprus and to be blessed with all that we need.

  • I too want to donate for the renovation of the Mikvah in Cyprus on the special day of Lag Baomer!

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