Welcome to our Mikvah

magine the ambience upon entering a unique spa –  and a lovely woman greeting you amidst the calming sounds of flowing waters. We know you would love to experience this awesome setting and believe it or not, now you can!

At long last, we are happy to announce the opening of our Mikvah, Mikvah Mei Menachem of Cyprus. Open to all Jewish women regardless of background, affiliation, level of observance, or personal religious viewpoint – all are welcome!

Feel free to browse our site to uncover the secret depths of Mikvah and discover the spiritual significance behind the Mitzvah, bringing the essence of Mikvah to life. The laws of family purity and Mikvah create the holiness of the marital relationship. Shouldn’t you know more about something that can be such a fulfilling and rewarding part of the Jewish family life?

If you would like to talk to me about mikvah please contact me anytime:
via Phone: +(357)24.828.770
via Email: [email protected]

It would be my pleasure to make a private appointment with you to go over the details of why, how and when the Mikvah is used.

Best Wishes,
Rebbetzin Shaindel Raskin