Chabad Cyprus: 20 Years of Inspiring Connections and Community Growth

In the heart of the Mediterranean, a small but vibrant Jewish community has flourished over the past two decades, all thanks to the unwavering dedication of Chabad Cyprus. Celebrating our 20th anniversary of service, we have become a beacon of hope, compassion, and Jewish unity for locals and visitors alike.

Two decades ago, Chabad Cyprus was founded with a vision to create a home away from home for Jewish travellers and expatriates. What started as a humble initiative soon evolved into a thriving centre that transcended geographical boundaries to strengthen Jewish identity and foster a deep sense of belonging.

Throughout the years, Chabad Cyprus has been a lifeline for Jews traveling to this beautiful island nation. From assisting with kosher food options to providing spiritual guidance and support, Chabad has been a reliable companion for those seeking to maintain their religious practices while far from their homes.

At the heart of Chabad Cyprus's success lies the exceptional leadership of its founders, Rabbi Arie Zeev and Sheindel Raskin. Their unwavering commitment to the community and their boundless warmth have earned them the love and admiration of countless individuals. Under their guidance, Chabad Cyprus has grown into a thriving community, that spans the entire island, and that embraces diversity and welcomes Jews from all walks of life.

One of the central pillars of Chabad Cyprus's work is education. Recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation, they have established a vibrant Jewish school that imparts a strong foundation of Jewish values and teachings to young minds. Through engaging programs and interactive lessons, the school instils a sense of pride in the rich heritage of Judaism, ensuring a brighter Jewish future for Cyprus and beyond.

Beyond educational efforts, Chabad Cyprus actively promotes interfaith dialogue and understanding. The organization has initiated various outreach programs that foster connections with the wider Cypriot community, promoting a message of tolerance and unity. By breaking down barriers and fostering mutual respect, Chabad Cyprus has become a bridge between different cultures, spreading the message of peace and harmony.

Over the years, Chabad Cyprus has become synonymous with acts of kindness and charity. Their commitment to social welfare extends to all members of the community, regardless of faith. From providing financial assistance to families in need to organizing support for the elderly, the organization's benevolent initiatives have touched countless lives, leaving a lasting impact on the island's residents.

The yearly holiday celebrations hosted by Chabad Cyprus are nothing short of spectacular. From joyous Chanukah gatherings to meaningful Passover seders, these events bring together Jews from across the island and beyond, creating a sense of unity and belonging that transcends borders.

The 20th-anniversary celebration of Chabad Cyprus marks not only a milestone for the organization but also a testament to the strength of the Jewish spirit in Cyprus.

To mark 20 years, we will host 20 days of activities and outreach programmes. Please stay posted for more information. 



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