Jewish Marriages in Cyprus

On behalf of the Chief Rabbinate of Cyprus, we wish you a Mazel Tov on your forthcoming marriage, such an exciting time for you all!

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to get married in Cyprus, what documents do we need?

  • Birth certificates of bride and groom
  • Birth certificates &/or marriage certificates (ketubah) of both the mother of the bride and of the groom. 
  • Any supporting letters from current or past synagogues that you/ your mothers were members of. 
  • Letter from your rabbis that you are both single

My parents weren’t married in an Orthodox synagogue. How do I proceed?

If they were not married in an Orthodox synagogue, you need to go back further in the maternal line, bringing a Ketubah from your grandparents or great-grandparents on the mother’s side, together with full birth certificates, showing the direct connection to you.

Who is the official Jewish marriage authority in Cyprus?

The Chief Rabbinate of Cyprus, headed by the Chief Rabbi, Arie Zeev Raskin is the only recognized authority for orthodox Jewish Marriages in Cyprus. The chief Rabbi officiates each marriage himself.

Marriage Classes

Jewish teaching enhances all aspects of life, including the most intimate. The laws of marriage bring holiness and fulfillment to the husband and wife, and indeed to the whole family. These Teachings are relevant for a young bride and groom about to marry, to those who are already married and even to retired couples.


For other inquires please contact:

Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin

[email protected]

+357 24828770 or +357 24661770