Something Unforgettable Took Place Today

On Saturday night, 11 Adar Alef, 5776 (February 20, 2016), over 400 friends of Chabad Cyprus gathered in Israel for an exciting evening of light and holiness (click here to see a gallery of photographs from the event) with a tasty dinner and toasts of “L’Chaim. The diners saw on the screens a sample of regular activity at four Chabad houses in Cyprus. These activities include permanent houses of prayer, Torah, and good deeds taking place every day, a mikveh, kindergarten, and a young people’s summer center in Ayia Napa.

The merit of such a day cannot be described in words. This evening gave everyone a chance to give themselves and those close to them a day of infinite merit and the opportunity to embrace such days by celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary, or a memorial day for one of their relatives.

Some People Earn Their Place in Heaven with One Deed

At this very moment, you, too have the chance to select a special day, and dedicate it for yourselves or your loved ones. Just like light needs a candle, a blessing from spiritual light needs a tool to hold it. In order to continue the great spiritual abundance in our material world, you can buy a day of blessing by providing part of the cost of such a day of light and holiness in Cyprus with a donation for 1,000 euros for a day’s activity.

A donation for a day of holy activity can of course be paid in installments using any means of payment. Do you want to dedicate a day? Fill out your particulars on this page, and we will contact you soon.

In order to mark the spiritual achievement, you will receive a special keepsake with the person’s name for whom you made the donation engraved on it, together with a spiritual blessing. A messenger from Chabad Cyprus will bring the keepsake to your home. The names of those taking part will also be mentioned on the special day with a mention of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

I wan to give a day as a gift!

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