The CJCC in Cyprus is a Jewish Community Center, and the first and only synagogue in Cyprus. The centre is open Sunday through Friday between 9:00am to 21:00pm. At the CJCC you will find a Synagogue, a Jewish Library with a large selection of books, Mikvah, the Cyprus International Jewish School and also a tourist corner with maps and trip recommendations. There is always somebody here who is happy to you with any enquiry, or you can email us at [email protected] or by phone +357 24 668 753

Every Friday evening and Saturday morning there is a Kabalat Shabbat at the CJCC, that includes candle-lighting and Shabbat Dinner, for more information please contact us at [email protected] During the holidays there are services and holiday meals, which you are also welcome to join us.

With regard to Kosher food in Cyprus, we have extensive list of items that we are able to purchase in Cyprus. You can buy meat and wine from the CJCC, or if you would like us to cater for you this is also possible. Our list of products is under Kosher Cyprus. If you have enquiries or questions regarding kosher food in Cyprus please email at [email protected]

Every Wednesday evening between 19:30hrs and 20:30hrs Rabbi Raskin delights a large and enthusiastic group with a Torah Shiur about the weekly Parshah. More info about Shiurim and Torah in Cyprus please email at [email protected]

About 10 minutes from the center there is a Jewish Cemetery with about seven graves, if you know of anyone who is in the cemetery please can you get in contact with us to confirm that we have the details. In the northern part of the Island there was in the past a Jewish settlement, with a synagogue and a cemetery, but however as today this part of the Island is Turkish occupied, access is not permitted.


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Cyprus Jewish Community Centre | Chabad Lubavitch of Cyprus


Apollodorou 4 6020, Larnaca | P.O.Box 42461, 6534

T: +357 24 82 87 70 | F: +357 24 82 87 71 | [email protected]