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  Identifying Specific Skills & Interests

A skill is something you do well (e.g., an ability, a competence, a talent, a capacity). Not every skill, however, is supported by an interest. Some of the things you do well, you may do for survival reasons, or because you have to; e.g., balancing a checkbook.

An interest is something that intrigues you or positively motivates you (i.e., something you like to do). Not every interest is supported by a skill. You may wish you could play the piano or snowboard, but lack the skill to do so.

Information Technology      Network Software Hardware

                                                Repairs Web Design/Development 

  Office Administration       Reception/Greeting Phones

Data entry/TypingCopyingPrepare mailings & packages Filing EmailingScanningMail management Data management Procedures/ Documentation

  Education/Teaching     Age Group: Lesson Planning Materials Prep Teaching Assistant Guest Speakers Hebrew Current Events


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