Letter in the Children's Sefer Torah

  • In the old city of Jerusalem, between the walls, another Torah scroll is written, in the series of special Torah scrolls for the children of Israel.

    Nearly two million children and girls from around the world have already bought themselves a letter in one of these Torah scrolls. Each Torah scroll has 304,805 letters. In the Kids' Torah scroll - each letter belongs to one child. You can buy a letter in the Torah!

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe asked that every boy and girl have a letter in this Torah scroll.  Buying a letter in the Torah is a great privilege, and a commandment that unites all the children of Israel. It tangibly symbolizes our unity around the Torah.  

    In addition, buying a letter in the Torah is a merit and a blessing - for the child himself, his family, and their entire Jewish nation.

    Who can buy?

    boys - under the age of 13, girls - under the age of 12. Letters can be bought for small children as well, and even newborn babies. You can also buy letters as a gift for children who have not bought themselves.

    You can only buy one letter for each child.

    Have you passed the Bar / Bat Mitzvah age? You are invited to purchase a letter in the General Sefer Torah for the Unity of the Jewish nation.

    How much does a letter cost?

    The price of a letter in the Torah scroll is symbolic: one US dollar or the sum equivalent to the US dollar.  The idea is to unite all the children of Israel from all over the world, in one Torah scroll.  The dollar is the symbolic participation of each of these children in the writing of the Torah scroll. Other expanses including printing a special certificate for each child, paying for shipment etc. are much higher.

    How to buy?

    very simple!  Fill out the form on this page and get a nice and impressive certificate for your child or girl, with indication of the Parasha of the letter you bought.

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  • For the letter will be charged from the credit card entered equal to one euro.

    The handling expenses, including printing and sending the certificate to each child, are much higher. You can partner with the promotion through a donation, in addition to the symbolic amount of the letter purchase.

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