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Kimcha DePischa 2020


The custom of “Kimcha DePischa” is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition. Its purpose is to provide help for those in need prior to the Passover holiday. Those entrusted with gathering charitable contributions in each city collect money from all local residents, buy wheat for Passover, wine, meat, fish, and distribute them to the city’s neediest people.

On the night of the Passover seder, we sit around a table filled with holiday delicacies. This is the time to give generously to others in order that they too can have a kosher and happy Festival of Freedom.

The Cyprus Chabad Center distributes special pre-Passover holiday assistance packages to the residents of the Land of Israel. In the face of growing economic hardships within certain sectors of the population, it has been suggested that this distribution be doubled through the support of the “Min Shemaya” Fund, making it a national campaign providing assistance for thousands of people, young and old alike.

It is important to note that our activities in years past have proven their effectiveness. Two months before Passover, families already want to know if they can receive our help, as the “Min Shemaya” Fund assistance gives them vitally important air to breathe when they begin making their plans and preparations for the holiday.

The “Min Shemaya” Fund’s “Kimcha D’Pischa” Project for Passover 5780 (2020) will be carried out in a number of ways:



As part of our holy activities conducted throughout the year, we regularly distribute vouchers for purchasing new clothes for the holidays or as the seasonal needs require.

Since Passover marks the start of the spring/summer wardrobe season, the need exists to prepare for the coming months. Therefore, we offer a clothes package for at least 280 children from Israel on our list of families requiring assistance. This represents a tremendous gift for these children, enabling them to feel like everyone else and experience some true holiday joy.

The clothes package for the Passover holiday and the upcoming spring/summer seasons includes:

  • 2 holiday sets 
  • 2 daily sets
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • Pajamas/Nightgown
  • Undergarments

Total 140 euros


We provide 150 food vouchers of 770 shekels (200 euros) each for a regular family and 1,000 shekels (255 euros) for families blessed with a large number of children, for purchases at food chains with which we have made arrangements. The vouchers are for the exclusive personal use of the recipient family at supermarkets, save for unique cases when the vouchers can be exchanged for cash.


In additional to the lack of financial resources, senior citizens have difficulty running around from store to store and carrying their holiday purchases. For these elderly and the disabled, we will send food packages in cooperation, whose volunteers will come directly to the homes of these people. Each food package cost 360 shekels (90 euros) for about forty seniors.


For fifty lone soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces and soldiers from families in financial distress, the “Min Shemaya” Fund in cooperation with other non-profit organizations gives holiday vouchers of 500 shekels each.


Four to six cartons with basic holiday groceries are prepared for 120 families, in cooperation with charitable organizations throughout Israel. The cartons are filled with fruits and vegetables, eggs, grape juice, and more. The cost of each set is 500 shekels for a regular family, 800 shekels for much larger families.


Shmura matzos for Passover possess some very unique qualities. The holy Zohar teaches us that matzah is “the food of faith”, while Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the “Alter Rebbe”, founder of the Chabad Chassidic movement, calls these matzos “the food of healing.” The Lubavitcher Rebbe instructed his chassidim to distribute shmura matzos to their acquaintances, especially in hospitals, and he even gave shmura matzah to his personal doctor.

To give as many Jews as possible the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of eating matzah on the Seder night with the utmost stringency, “Min Shemaya” Fund volunteers distribute 1,200 sets containing three authentic hand-made matzos for hospital patients and the staff of doctors and nurses. The cost of each set: NIS 18.80.






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