A shining deed can lighten a seemingly dark world.
Share the gift of light!
The old Jewish tradition teaches us to give "Chanukah Guelt" or "Dmei Chanukah".
The custom aims to stimulate people to give Tzedakah (Charity) by giving them some money. For the same reason it is costumary to give the kids their own "Chanukah Guelt" teaching them to take out of their own money and give Tzedakah.
During the festival of Chanukah, Chabad of Cyprus goes out with a big Chanukah campaign, ensuring to bring the light and the warmth of Chanukah to every single soul.
Chabad of Cyprus also distributes "Chanukah Guelt" to the needy, and bring light and love to people in hospitals and prisons.
Chabad of Cyprus gives you the opportunity to participate on the "Chanukah 2020" campaign.

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in USA:

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Please make it out to:
“Friends of Chabad of Cyprus”
642 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Bank Transfer (or Direct Deposit):

Bank of America
0102 122 Crown Heights Branch NY 8011
Routing #: 021000322
Account #: 4830 2061 4174 
Account name: “Friends of Chabad of Cyprus” 

Friends of Chabad in Cyprus is a nonprofit organization.

in Europe:

Mail a check:
Jewish Community Cyprus
P.O. Box 42461    
6534 Larnaca

Bank Transfer:

NAME: Jewish Community Cyprus

BANK: Bank of Cyprus

Grigori Afxentiou Branch – No. 0556

Account #: 357019355859

IBAN CY 24002001950000357019355859


in Israel:

ביט / פייבוקס:
אנא שלחו למספר 0544902455 וציינו בהערות את מספר הטלפון שלכם 

משלוח צ'ק:
אנא מלאו אותו ל"ידידי חב"ד קפריסין בישראל" (ע"ר)
ת.ד. 770, קרית מלאכי 83031

העברה בנקאית (או הפקדה ישירה):
בנק דיסקונט
מס' חשבון: 172685 סניף 153, קרית מלאכי
שם החשבון: "ידידי חב"ד קפריסין בישראל" (ע"ר)

 הוראת קבע:
לחצו כאן והדפיסו ומלאו את הטופס המצורף