"All Jews are responsible for one another" – wherever they may be.
מבצע צוק איתן - TZUK EITANOur brave soldiers are currently standing watch over the Holy Land with tremendous self-sacrifice, and with G‑d's help, they will continue to protect the People of Israel and restore peace and security to the Jewish homeland.

The Friends of Chabad of Cyprus in Israel has taken on a Jewish Solidarity project. It provides an opportunity for Jews living in the Diaspora to express their support, bringing light and love to the residents of the Land of Israel. While circumstances often create a tremendous physical distance between us and our Jewish brethren, our hearts are always with them, no matter where, no matter when.

Friends of Chabad of Cyprus in Israel  will collect the donations and transfer them to Israel in cooperation with the "Ohr L'Chayal" Association, which has been providing direct assistance and support to soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces for years. They are presently distributing tens of thousands of personal hygiene packages, together with full meals and snacks, and music disks to bring some spiritual joy, light, and encouragement to refresh their tired souls.

We ask you to help us in this vitally essential program with a generous donation. You can also choose from among the following options:

€ 10: special tzitzis
for spiritual protection and personal salvation
€ 15: a full meal for an IDF soldier
(including music disks, etc.)
€ 20: hygiene package
(including undergarments, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)

NOTE: Each contribution will be matched by a similar contribution from a donor based in the United States!

For your convenience, we provide four ways to transfer your contribution to this important project. Please indicate "For Jewish Solidarity Program" with your donation:

1. PayPal
Please click on the Following link to donate via Paypal: Click here

2.  Mail a check:
Chabad of Cyprus, P.O. Box 42461, 6534 Larnaca, Cyprus

3. Bank Transfer:
Bank of Cyprus
Branch Phaneromenis – No. 0553                   
Account #: 0553 11 011 714
IBAN # CY12 0020 0553 0000 0011 0117 1400
Swift # BCYPCY2N
Account name: Chabad Lubavitch of Cyprus

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