First of all, thank you! Thank you for your loyal partnership throughout the years with our efforts to promote Judaism in Cyprus. You have the merit of being partners, founders, and supporters of the Women’s Mikvah in Cyprus, which was established on Chanuka 5765 (2005), two years after our arrival to Cyprus.

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The establishment of the Mikvah was complicated and challenging, and due to its high necessity had started without prior funding, and thanks to friends like you we have completed an amazing project at the cost of 187,000 euros. Since then, thank G‑d, thousands of women had to privilege to come to such a clean and luxurious Mikvah. It is well known that a good personal experience in the Mikvah contributes a lot to the structure of the Jewish family. Therefore, we have always done our best to give every woman the holiest and nurturing experience possible.

Despite high-level maintenance, there is a lot of natural wearing that compounded throughout the years. Especially in rooms with high levels of moisture. At this point in time, we have a unique opportunity of 3 weeks to renovate the Mikvah thanks to the low volume of visitors. According to estimations ew have received from professionals the costs should be about 26,000 euros.

The holy Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai dealt a lot with adding pureness to Am Israel. Today, in his day of passing – La”g Ba’omer, it is a special opportunity to donate and sustain the Mikvah in Cyprus and to be blessed with all that we need.

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Rebbetzen Sheindel and Arie Zeev Raskin

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We have attached a few pictures that demonstrate the damages of time which we want to fix:

Moisture that remained in the walls of the building for years (panels need to be removed from the walls, sealing materials should be applied, etc.), furniture (replacement of lights, counters, etc.), and replacement of ceiling (made out of wood and can break down).

In regards to facilities, we have to install a professional ventilation system so damage caused by moisture will not reoccur soon. In the machinery room, we should replace the old pump and heating systems. Since in Cyprus, there are periods of shortage in the water we have dug 20 meters underground to access water. This has to be maintained and the pump should be replaced as described above.

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