• As we approach the significant holiday of Shemini Atzeres, we gather together to celebrate this special time, I wanted to remind you of the important Yizkor service that will take place this Shabbos.

    Yizkor, meaning "remembrance," is a solemn and meaningful prayer that allows us to honor the memory of our departed loved ones. This moment of reflection provides an opportunity to connect with our past and pay tribute to those who have shaped our lives.

    During this Yizkor service, we will recite prayers and offer heartfelt remembrances for our dear departed. It is a time to recall their virtues, the impact they had on our lives, and the lessons they taught us. Together, we will create a sacred space to honor their memory and seek comfort in our shared community.

    I encourage you to join us for this meaningful service, as we come together as a community to support one another during this time of remembrance. Together, we can find solace and strength in our shared traditions and the support of our fellow congregants.

    May the memories of our loved ones continue to inspire us, and may their souls find eternal peace.

    Wishing you a meaningful and uplifting Shemini Atzeres.

    As it is customary to make a pledge to Tzedaka in connection to Yizkor, your donation at this time will also support local families struggling with their daily living costs.

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