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CTeen is a dynamic network for Jewish teens of all backgrounds that offers awesome meaningful programs which harnesses the incredible potential of teenagers bringing purpose, self-discovery and giving to their communities.

C Teen’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment fusing fun, friendship, humanitarian outreach, mitzvah observance, and engaging Torah study.

With over 630 chapters in 44 countries and 6 continents, C Teen, the Chabad Teen Network, is the fastest growing network of Jewish teens.

Inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, we empower teens to actualize their inner infinite potential, while cultivating a strong sense of mission, Jewish pride, and love of Gd.

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Rabbi Levi Yudkin

Director of Activities

Whatsapp +357 97 753367



Some of our activities

high school Club

The Kosher Food Club, a co-curricular high school club facilitated by CTeen chapters in local schools, serves as a humanitarian initiative by promoting healthy lifestyles and feeding the needy, as well as providing educational and hands on experiences of traditional Jewish foods.


Through various volunteer activities across the spectrum of causes, teens are making this world a better place with Impact. Impact’s tracking system logs volunteer hours, certifying the participants with a transcript that will help teens complete school volunteer quotas.


Mitzvah bank

Bringing Mitzvot to your doorstep, the CTeen Mitzvah Bank provides teens with Judaic items including Tefillin, Shabbat candles, Tzitzit, and Mezuzot.


Torah Buddies

No topic is off limits. Delve into Torah's timeless wisdom with your personal Torah Buddy.