About us:

Rabbi LevitinRabbi Shneor and Rivka Levitin came to Larnaca in 2013 to help strengthen Chabad of Cyprus which had been increasingly active for over a decade and was in need of a fresh boost of energy and manpower.

Rabbi Shneor runs the Chabad House – nonstop. He gives shiurim to members of the community, provides hospitality and kosher food, arranges the minyan for services three times each day and hosts unforgettable programs on Shabbatot and Chagim.

Chabad LarnacaSoon after their arrival Rabbi and Mrs. Levitin founded our flagship location – the Chabad House at the airport, where Rabbi Shneor spends much of his time. You'll find him there with tefillin and Shabbos candles, and if you arrive in Cyprus at certain times of the year you could receive a special gift – candles and a doughnut on Chanukah and shmura matzos on Pesach!

Mrs. Rivka Levitin runs the Gan Menachem kindergarten. It's the only Jewish kindergarten in Cyprus and it has an enrollment of 25 children, who receive a top-level education combined with traditional Jewish content.

Contact us

Phone: 00.357.24.828770

Mobile: 00.357.96.388624

Address: Apollodorou 4, Larnaca 6020

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ChabadCyprus.com/en/Larnaca

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Special opportunity to help us:

In order to be able to expand our activities, and acting on the advice of our good friends, we've decided to launch our fundraising campaign for Gimmel Tammuz, 9/7/2016, the date marking the yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Our team of supporters are joining together to match every dollar raised during this campaign. That means every dollar donated will be worth double – when you donate $100 your chosen Chabad House will receive $200!

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