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Kosher Cyprus

Kosher Cyprus

מזון כשר בקפריסין



Kosher products in Cyprus

Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin


 Any factory, bakery, hotel, restaurant etc in Cyprus that does not display a Valid, signed Certificate from CK (cyprus kosher) Rabbi Raskin, The Rabbinical office in Cyprus, they are not considered Kosher. “

This is the first attempt to put together an extensive list of Kosher products that are available in Cyprus. If you have any questions or comments, or if you find any Kosher product not mentioned in the list, please let us know so we can update the list, at If you would like to find out whether a product is Kosher or not, please send us a copy of the label and we will endeavor to find out if it is Kosher.


Important remarks before consulting the list


·         Every product bearing a kosher symbol such as (OU, OK, KF, KLBD etc...)  or under a specific rabbinical supervision is under their responsibility. Local products have been checked by the local Rabbis. Imported products from Franceare approved by the Beth-Din of Paris, and imported products from England by the Beth-Din of London.


·         Products preceded by (D) contain milk and are not Chalav Israel.


·         The name of the product is written in bold, the NAME or BRAND is in capital letters. In the brackets, you will find the rabbinical supervision, Kosher symbol or, for some imported products from France, the EMB number that must appear on the package.


·         If a certain product is Kosher, it does not mean that other products of the same company are Kosher.


·         If a certain product has a Kosher symbol or rabbinical supervision, it does not mean that the same product without the symbol or supervision is Kosher. Some ingredients may vary.


·         If a product is Kosher, it does not mean that the same product made elsewhere is Kosher. Some ingredients may vary.


·         All these products are Kosher for the whole year but not for Pesach, unless otherwise mentioned.


·         Some of the products can be found almost everywhere. Others can be found at Carrefour, AlphaMega, Offends, or Metro.















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