About us:

 Rabbi Deutch There are hundreds of Jews and Israelis living in Nicosia today – locals and businessmen alongside students who are studying in the top universities here.

Rabbi Yaakov and Rivka Chasia Deutch came to Nicosia, Cyprus in 2016 to set up a Chabad House to provide for all the spiritual needs of the local community. It also acts as a meeting place for the local Jewish population and the Israelis to get together over a cup of coffee, for a chat or to listen to a shiur – a place in Nicosia for every Jew.

Chabad NicosiaThe Chabad House provides for all the needs of the Jewish Community: kosher food, the shul, shiurim, communal Shabbat meals, a listening ear and guidance in all things Jewish. We aim to reach every Jew with a warm greeting and we offer them any help they might need, be it physical or spiritual.


Contact us

Phone: 00.357.22.328770

Mobile: 00.357.96.448770

Address: 16A Melinas Merkouri, Engomi 2411

Email: Nicosia@chabadcyprus.com

Website: www.ChabadCyprus.com/en/Nicosia

every dollar is worth two!

Special opportunity to help us:

In order to be able to expand our activities, and acting on the advice of our good friends, we've decided to launch our fundraising campaign for Gimmel Tammuz, 9/7/2016, the date marking the yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Our team of supporters are joining together to match every dollar raised during this campaign. That means every dollar donated will be worth double – when you donate $100 your chosen Chabad House will receive $200!

However, as we said, it's all or nothing. Each Chabad House needs to raise $15,000 (which will become $30,000) by the deadline on 9/7/2016, or they won't get a penny!

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